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Our History

First National Bank of Muscatine was founded in 1870, just five years after the end of the Civil  War, as a private banking business under the name Silverman, Cook & Company.

P.M. Musser, a prominent local citizen, became a partner in the bank in 1875, and the name  was subsequently changed to Cook,
Musser & Company.

By 1896, just fifteen years after the first telephones were installed in Muscatine, the company became incorporated under Iowa banking laws as the Cook, Musser & Co. State Bank and Trust Company.

The following year, 1897, brought changes in state banking laws which required five directors
to sit on the board.  Subsequently, C.R. Musser was elected to join his father (P.M. Musser),
S.B. Cook, Anna Funck, and Ed C. Cook on the Board of Directors.  At this time P.M. Musser
was appointed as the bank's first president.

In 1910, the bank name was changed, this time to Muscatine State Bank. 

To accommodate continued growth, the original building was demolished, and a new, two
story building was constructed at the same site.  During construction the bank was operated
out of a building across Iowa Avenue which had originally housed Hershey State Bank.

Banks all over America thrived until the stock market crash of October 1929.  By 1933, a third of the nation's banks had failed.  Congress enacted the Banking Act of 1933, which closed the remaining banks while examiners checked their solvency.  Always a strong bank, the Muscatine State Bank did not liquidate during this historic "bank holiday".  Its officers voted instead to restore the bank to required financial condition, using stockholders' personal assets.

On April 10, 1933, the bank reopened under a new name, Muscatine Bank and Trust Company, assuming all deposits of the former bank.  Unlike many who lost their savings when the banks closed, its depositors did not lose a penny of their funds.  It would be more than two months before any other local banking facilities were available for use.

In response to increased patronage and in an attempt to offer its customers maximum convenience, a new walk-up/drive-up facility was opened in 1961.  Located at the corner of Third and Cedar Streets, it was the first of its kind in Muscatine.

Muscatine Bank and Trust Company, still a state bank, became chartered as a national bank in 1966 and changed to its present name
of First National Bank of Muscatine.

In order to provide our customers with greater convenience, a second branch was built at the  Muscatine Mall in 1971.

The current main bank building located at 300 East Second Street was constructed in 1978.

In 1984, a bank holding company, Iowa First Bancshares Corp., was formed by the stockholders of First National Bank of Muscatine. 
This was done to facilitate the purchase of First National Bank in Fairfield, Iowa.

On October 11th, 1997, a new drive-up / walk-up facility was built behind the Main Bank.  The former downtown drive-in bank was torn down and is now a city parking lot.

On May 6th, 2003, our Mall office relocated to 3107 Hwy. 61 North and is now known as Oakview North.

On December 8th, 2004, a new full new service location was open on the west side of Muscatine. This office is conveniently located at 2017 Cedar Plaza Dr.  

First National Bank of Muscatine has continuously supported the community it was built from and will enthusiastically follow this tradition into the twenty-first century.

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