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Internet Banking ... Experience the Difference


The simplicity and ease of banking from home or your office will make you a believer.  Check out the benefits of this service.  


Account Management

  • Transfer ~ Transfer funds between your accounts.

  • View Checks ~ Both the front and back of your cleared check images are available for viewing and printing.

Streamlined Account Information

  • Account detail ~ View account and loan detail. Want to look at your loan payoff? Go ahead.  How about interest paid on your Free Checking with Interest account?  Yes, it is there, too.  If we can see it, so can you.

  • E-statements ~ Receive your statements electronically if you choose.  No more wasted time handling and filing your paper statement, and you help the environment.

  • Statement History ~ When you sign-up for e-statements, monthly statements will be accessible and archived via the Internet Banking system.  The system will archive 18 months of history to allow easy, convenient access.

  • Streamlined Portfolio ~ View your First National Bank accounts at www.fnbmusc.com.  You won't have to wait for another statement to arrive so you can manually tabulate your financial picture.  Smile or cry ... it is all there.


  • User ID and Password Control ~ Choose your User ID and Password. Change your password as often as you choose, up to once a day.

  • Personal Assistant~ Set the system to automatically advise you of account activity, balance levels, or maturities.   

  • Global Access ~ Access your accounts 24 hours a day from anywhere there is Internet connectivity.  Access is even available through smartphones and tablets.

  • Confidential ~ Secure internet access ensures your privacy.  The security of your information is our number one concern.

Electronic Bill Pay

  • Bill Pay ~  Pay bills electronically for less than the cost of mailing a check and with a whole lot less hassle.  We have had many people tell us that until they tried it, they couldn't imagine the benefits; and now that they have tried it, they wouldn't give it up.  So, we say."Try it."  We'll give you 2 months free.


And much, much more.

Banking at your fingertips ... experience the difference.









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